Mike Love releases debut single, climbs Texas charts

Wichita, Kansas - Mike Love has just released his debut single, “Longway Home,” on the Texas charts and is seeing immediate and impressive results. After the song’s initial drop, upbeat, Mike Love Band hit quickly entered the Texas Regional Radio Report Top 100. Within weeks, “Longway Home” climbed into the Top 75 All Artists listing. Currently, the single sits at number 70 on the charts. 

While Mike Love has been in the country music business for years, this is his first single to be released to the Texas charts. With a sound rooted in the realm of Texas artists like Randy Rogers and Josh Abbott, Love exudes the true meaning of country music. “Longway Home” comes from his most recent album, Gypsy Man. 

 Gypsy Man is an album with an underlying theme that threads all of the songs together: The road life of a musician. Each song encompasses the feeling of what it’s like to be on the road hopping from town to town and never really settling in, the true gypsy lifestyle. 

 “I wrote “Longway Home” while we were out touring, and the lyrics had been with me for a long time,” said Love. “I knew I wanted this to be the first single off the album because it defines me as a musician and what my music is all about.”

 With lyrics like “Blacktops, dusty roads are the only thing I know / 3 a.m., little white lines, and Hank on the stereo”, Love’s single fits perfectly among the other red-dirt singles on the Texas charts.

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