Mike Love releases new single, ‘Get Going’

WICHITA, KANSAS, January 20, 2018 – A few months after releasing his debut single, Mike Love has dropped “Get Going,” a song with a classic country feel, to Texas Radio.

 “Get Going,” a hot track from Love’s album, Gypsy Man, has already seen traffic on the charts and will no doubt continue to rise. CD Tex, a digital delivery service that distributes songs to The Texas Regional Reporting stations reported that “Get Going” was the most downloaded single this week. His first single, “Longway Home,” made it to 65 on the Texas Regional Radio Report Top 100 and secured a spot in the Top 75 All Artists listing.

 Gypsy Man is an album with an underlying theme that threads all of the songs together: The road life of a musician. Each song encompasses the feeling of what it’s like to be on the road every night, rolling from town to town and not knowing when you might be home again.  

 “Get Going” describes the classic tale of a strained relationship between a traveling musician and the one he leaves behind. The track is a relatable ballad and includes heartfelt lyrics such as “I’d drive all night to find my way home / I’ll fight the rain, the sleet and the snow / To see her face in the morning light / I’ve got to get going before my baby says goodbye.”

 “I’m really excited about my new song, ‘Get Going.’ I wrote this song one night while we were out on tour in Gering, Nebraska,” said Love. “I had been on the road for six weeks and the roads were covered with snow and ice, making progress slow. After almost two months, I was ready to get home to my wife, and that’s what this single is all about.”

 You can find Mike Love on Spotify and Apple Music. Love’s entire Gypsy Man album can be downloaded online.

To learn more, visit mikeloveband.com.

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